Movement Coaching

Not all children develop at the same pace. This program is for kids who want to improve their movement and body control so that they gain the confidence to be more involved in physical activity and sport.  We start by teaching them how to move with better co-ordination and balance. It begins with an analysis where we look at both the overall movement and co-ordination of the individual. This is used to set a benchmark and to identify where the key improvements can be made. Depending on the findings of the analysis, the coaching sessions incorporate a combination of balance training, cognitive movement training and movement development, using our unique Dynamic Movement Skills (DMS) training system. Depending on the child’s progress, we can advance to teaching running technique. 

JUNIORS: * Suitable for kids aged 6-16 years. 

6 sessions - £200 (45 minute sessions) or 2x payments of £110

10 sessions - £300 (45 minute sessions) or 2x payments of £165

15 sessions - £450  (45 minute sessions) or 2x payments of 240

* The sessions can be paid for in Full at the beginning of the sessions or in two halves (first half at the start and second half before the 4th session).