Having written hundreds of Training Plans for runners and having done courses for Peri + Post Menopause Athletes, alongside going through the whole peri-menopause journey myself, I have come to understand what works and what doesn't work for female runners. I believe most Beginner Marathon Plans are either too HARD, don't have enough weeks to build mileage + intensity safely, don't include enough speed + strength work and have too many consecutive long runs. Most of them are written for men! With all my knowledge, I have put together what I feel is the BEST Beginners plan I can offer. It will include: * Recovery week every 3 weeks. * No consecutive weeks of long runs (long runs are every other week to allow for the extra recovery time needed for women in peri and post menopause). * 20 weeks to allow sufficient time to build mileage + intensity without fatigue (12 weeks is not enough!). * Strength training 2x per week. * 4-5 runs per week (Wednesday runs are optional). * 1-2 rest days per week. * Includes speed + hill work which is essential for women in peri and post menopause. * Includes a table of KEY TERMS so you can easily understand the terminology, * Includes a THINGS TO CONSIDER when following the plan section, This plan is perfect: * If you’re racing your first marathon or you’ve completed a marathon and feel that you want to improve but don’t necessarily feel ready for an intermediate plan. * For someone new to Marathon Training who wants to give themselves plenty of time to build up to race day. * For someone who wants to get to the race line without injury. * For someone who’s main goal is to complete the marathon, rather than aiming for a specific time. * It would be good to have a little experience with speed work but it is not essential. * For someone who has tried other Training Plans that just haven't worked. * For someone who understands that women's bodies are different to men and therefore need a Training Plan that takes this into consideration.

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