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For those of you who know, I’m currently taking part in a 12 month Mobility Program and every time I participate in a session, I think ‘I must share this with my runners, sports men, women and juniors’! EVERY week, I see runners struggling with mobility and activation – either because they sit at a desk a lot or they run and don’t mobilise or they have a history of injuries that have caused restriction in the movement of certain joints and imbalances in muscles. Remember that once a joint loses it’s full range of movement it changes the function at other joints as they start to pick up the slack. If we want to make progress, we HAVE to aim to restore function at ALL our joints and restore activation in the major muscle groups. I simply don’t have the time in a coaching session to teach all that is necessary to improve mobility and activation which is why I want to run this 3 month course. In my opinion, EVERYONE needs to do this – whether you’re a runner, sports person, active or not active. The quality of life is extremely connected to how we move and if your movement is either restricted, imbalanced, painful, you have poor posture, you’re injured or have been injured – you will take these movement patterns into EVERYTHING you do! I constantly think about longevity and I want to enjoy my sports, my life and every day movement for as long as I can and this is where mobility and activation is KEY! I also want to be quick, strong, powerful and efficient NOW – this is where you’ve got to look at mobility and alignment! So, I’m going to put together a 3 month program where I will give you ONE 20 minute session per week (this will be posted into a Vimeo Group where all the recordings will be stored) and you repeat that session every day that week. The following week, we will work on new exercises designed to help muscles strengthen, relax and balance. At the end of this 3 month period, you have the option of continuing with me for another 3 months (there’s no commitment) – I intend to make this a full 12 month course so you can get MAXIUM results. Course Cost - £49 Course Start Date – Monday 15th May (3 months) Commitment – 20 minutes per day If you would like to join me, drop me an email at I really hope you can join me as I feel this such a HUGE gap in most people’s training plan and most people don’t give this anywhere near the attention required to make long lasting change. Best Wishes Rachael xx

  • Date: 15/05/2023 12:00 PM - 14/07/2023 12:00 PM
  • Location Online Event

Price: £49