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Run Technique Course to teach runners how to run FASTER and FURTHER with LESS INJURIES!

  • Date:29/02/2020 10:00 AM
  • Location Yapham Village Hall (Map)


RUN TECHNIQUE COURSE - 29th Feb 2020, 10-4pm (£99)

This course is aimed at all levels of runners, from beginners to elite. It is ideal for:

* Injured runners
* Runners who want to get faster
* Those interested in becoming more efficient 
* Those interested in run technique

This will work well for people who perhaps can't commit to a number of running sessions at The Running Hub due to travel, finances or other commitments.

During the day, you will:

* Have your run technique filmed at the beginning and at the end of the day (I will send everyone their before and after videos after the course)
* Have the opportunity to see some analyses of run technique
* Discussion of how how to fix inefficiencies and change run technique
* Lots of practical work where you will have the opportunity to work and improve your own run technique 
* Strength and mobility specific to improving weaknesses and imbalances commonly found in runners